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What is Cryo?


Brief, controlled applications of cold can cause the body to engage it's most powerful healing systems. Cryotherapy, also known as cryosurgery, is a commonly used in-office procedure for the treatment of a variety of benign and malignant lesions.

 In one report, cryotherapy was the second most common in-office procedure after skin excision. The mechanism of destruction in cryotherapy is necrosis, which results from the freezing and thawing of cells. 

 Whole Body CryoTherapy represents the most effective means to date to engage these mechanisims Willow and MiraPilates have joined forces to offer our clients a complete experience in obtaining the best  natural healing process to date.  


Athletic Performance: 

Pre-event preparation

Post exertional recovery

Athletes with chronic injuries

Pain Management:




Recovery after surgeries

Skin Rejuvenation:




Pressure sores





Heat rash

Stasis dermatitis


Recurrent Staph infections

Is CryoTherapy for you?

Call us today to see if there is a benefit to adding CryoTherapy to your health routine today.  Our Staff will go over any questions that you might have as well as schedule your appointment for you.  Enjoy a single appointment or sign up for one of our memberships. 

Why Cryo?

Proven concept and benefits

This concept is not new. Trainers are very familiar with cold therapy as a recovery treatment for injured muscles. Usually, either through the localized application of cold packs – I.C.E (immobilization. cooling. elevation) – or through the grueling process of ice baths when a full body impact required. Whatever level you are training at, cryotherapy will help you recover faster with fewer painful side effects.


Cryotherapy is an excellent way to help with muscle spasms in the body. This therapy  helps numb painful areas.  Also it provides a cooling relief to affected soft tissues. It consists of applying cold compresses on to the skin to reduce the temperature of the skin. It  constricts the blood vessels in the area. Cryotherapy offers many other benefits.

If you suffer from a muscle spasm or have a soft tissue injury, don’t worry. In the early stages of healing process, it will help reduce swelling and further injury .


Besides, Cryotherapy  reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. CryoSauna reduces stiffness and soreness and shortens recovery time day after workout. Athletes and workout enthusiasts know that cold constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce inflammation caused by the normal tissue response to heavy use.  Cryotherapy chamber provides a modern alternative to painful ice baths with a greater effect than it is managed with ice. The intensity of the treatment also benefits the body’s perception of pain, thus working on many levels.


Intensive training schedules combined with insufficient recovery time can cause muscle fatigue, injury, and inflammatory responses. Achieving a balance between training and recovery is crucial in maximizing benefits and performance. Cryotherapy gets to significantly improve this balance due to its ability to shorten recovery time. It also  alleviates inflammation after strenuous exercise by cooling and rejuvenating over-stressed muscles.

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 Rejuvenate your body and improve your overall health and wellness in 3 minutes, with our cryotherapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

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Deborah Nardozzi

I did something pretty dumb. I took the Buttz class this past Sunday when I hadn't taken a pilates class in ... a while. I already knew I was in for it when I almost collapsed walking  back to my car. That night I had to do a controlled fall into bed. The next morning I couldn't move from my waist down without pain and stiffness. I tried to cancel my Monday night class but since I like to do dumb things, I let Miranda talk me into coming in to "stretch". Once I got there she saw the shape I was in and promptly suggested I do a Cryo Session. I could barley get into the machine and while it wasn't pleasant, there thankfully wasn't any pain or too much discomfort considering I was standing in a rush of -180 icy air. Once the session was over (less than 2 mins) I stepped out of the machine- ALL BY MYSELF! I could bend my legs! I was sore but nothing compared to how I was when I walked (staggered) in. But, since I like to do dumb things, I stayed for the pilates class and at the end was feeling pretty sore again. But, still way better than when I arrived. The Cryo machine is a miracle machine. 

Ann Edwards

My sister and I took a day to try something different. We went to the Willow Wellness Center to try Cryotherapy. I was surprised to find out that the center has multiple different things to try and experience. You can really come there for a "wellness day". Miranda was so great and inviting. My sister has had some deep pain in one hip and the cryo reduces (or eliminates) inflammation in the body. She has improved 80% and we are both in awe. I am an RN and thought that this possibly would be a great start to help her body heal. We are so glad to find the Willow Wellness Center. Ann


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